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Destination Success

IHE is committed to rigorous academics and to individual educational success. At IHE we understand that when difficult times invade an adolescent’s life- the ability to focus and to be successful academically is often not realized. At IHE, we weave academics into every particular of daily living - so that our young women are able to maintain progress towards graduation and in most cases, even close the academic gap between where a young woman currently is, and where she needs to be to get back-on-track for graduation.

In order to give every young woman the chance to thrive academically – Destination Success offers the following:

Many of our students choose the early graduation track and can earn the state sponsored Centennial Scholarship worth up to $1000.00 towards tuition for many Utah colleges and Universities.

U2U Plans: (unique to you)

Each young woman that enters IHE’s program is unique and deserves to have a plan that is specific to her needs and personal goal. Our U2U plans are carefully crafted: one at a time, face-to-face with each girl, to create the best program for her optimal opportunity to succeed.

Considerations for creating a U2U plan includes:

  • State core requirements
  • Student’s education occupation plan (SEOP), personal goals, therapeutic needs, academic standing, credit recovery needs, talent development, and service interests.

College Tours – Inclusive of many Post-Secondary Education institutions:

IHE believes in allowing students to explore the campuses of potential post-secondary institutions that correspond with their U2U plans. IHE tours any accredited, state sponsored College or University, Private College or University, Technical College, or specialty school such as cosmetology, or flight school that is identified by our students. IHE sponsors 6 campus tours a year. We believe that seeing and experiencing the campus of her choice can help her to realize the potential of attending the institution and bring added motivation to her academic success.

IHE’s Academic Services

  • Full academic evaluation with a licensed School Counselor based on:
    • Records from prior school, ie: Transcripts, Behavior Records, IEP, 504, Attention Records
    • Graduation Plans (Student Education Occupation Plan – SEOP)
  • Creation of U2U plan
  • Rigorous curriculum
  • Classroom tutors
  • Special Education Program
  • IEP compliance and support
  • 504 compliance and support
  • For out-of-state students – collaboration with home state school, to assure proper course placement.